Quantum Fluids of Light and Matter

Les Houches, France
25-29 June 2018


The Conference

Five days of inspirational talks
25-29 June 2018
08:30 am

The School is devoted to the many-body physics of photon and polariton gases.  This emerging and exciting field is relevant for a broad ensemble of systems with sizeable and controllable photon-photon interactions, including solid-state nonlinear optical microstructures, superconducting quantum circuits, opto-mechanical resonators and atomic cavity QED networks. Photon and polariton gases also constitute a very promising platform for quantum simulation in the area of Quantum Technologies. This field has known a very fast development in the last ten years with a rapidly increasing number of researchers working on these topics. The main objective of the school is to bring together the international community and to facilitate the exchanges and the collaborations between people from different fields related to many-body physics, from atomic physics with ultracold atomic gases, solid state physics with strongly correlated electrons and statistical physics with superfluids. The school will aim at establishing a common approach and background between these fields, especially for the young researchers. Moreover, the school will allow to take a snapshot of the state of the art of these fast moving fields with a special emphasis on the hot-topics and new trends.


About QFLM 2018


The conference Quantum Fluids of Light and Matter 2018 is about the physics of open quantum many-body systems. The main focus is on photon-photon interactions and quantum optics in engineered systems. In the program, there will be talks and posters about non-equilibrium phase transitions and strongly correlated phases, topological photonics as well as quantum simulation and quantum information with light.

The conference has a strong interdisciplinary character with contributions from different communities working on semiconductor microcavities, superconducting quantum circuits, opto-mechanics, Rydberg atoms, hybrid systems and other platforms.



J. Bloch
C2N lab, CNRS, Paris, France
I. Carusotto
INO-CNR BEC center, Physics Department, University of Trento, Italy
M. Fleischhauer
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
R. Schoelkopf
Yale University, USA
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Invited speakers (confirmed list)

A. Blais
Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
A. Browaeys
Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d'Optique, Paris France
D. Faccio
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
J. Faist
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
F. J. Garcia-Vidal
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
M. Hafezi
Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
V. Manucharyan
Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
M. Paternostro
Queen's University Belfast, UK
P. Roushan
Google Inc, Santa Barbara, USA
D. Sanvitto
CNR, NNL, Istituto Nanoscienze, Lecce, Italy
P. Savvidis
IESL-FORTH, University of Crete, Grece
M. Schleier-Smith
Stanford University, USA
J. Simon
University of Chicago, USA
M. Weitz
University of Bonn, Germany
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A. Bramati
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Sorbonne Université, ENS, CNRS, Paris, France
C. Ciuti
Laboratoire MPQ, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France
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Information and Venue

Accomodation fees

Fees for the school are of 425 euros.

These fees include  registration fees, housing, breakfasts, lunchs and dinners.


You will be housed in single rooms with your own bathroom/toilets. Towels, shampoo,  soap, shower gel and hair-dryer are provided.The school also provides you with:

  • a library with the main scientific journals (paper or online) and some reference books

  • an open space with many blackboards

  • projectors for standard slides and for transparencies

  • a video projector

  • an automated videocapture system

  • a photocopy machine

  • Internet (wifi + hubs to connect laptops to the local network)

  • desktop computers (5 PCs) and a B&W Laser Printer

  • 3 washing machines and 3 dryers

Your stay

Please note that pets cannot be accepted.

Meals are taken at the school dining room. Drinks are not included.
Free coffee & tea is available in the bar and in the main building.

Breakfast: 7:45 am to 8:45 am ;
Lunch: 12:30 am ;
Dinner: 7:30 pm

Accompanying persons who have registered can take their meals at the restaurant (18 euros per meal).
The cafeteria has a piano, baby-foot and table tennis.

Participants are housed in “chalets” in individual bedrooms (electricity: AC, 50Hz, 220V).
A flashlight is handy at night ; the school chalets are scattered on the mountainside and outside lights may be poor (power failures, storms,…).


The altitude of the school is 1150 m. Temperatures in June 2016 ranged from 5°C to 25°C. Sport clothes are preferable. Warm sweater(s), rain gear, good walking shoes and home shoes are necessary. Make sure to check the weather forecast a few days before your departure.


By plane: Geneva Airport is 1 hour drive from les Houches.The simplest way is to use a shuttle service (approximately 40 euros up to the school, book at least three days in advance). If you already have your return date, we would recommend to book a return tripClick here for a complete view of the different companies. Beware: We do not recommend the Alpybus company (they do not reach the school). Price discounts are available with Mountain Drop-Offs by clicking on this link: MDO discount. Find Mountain Drop-Offs’ meeting point easily in the Geneva Airport please click here.

There is also a regular bus service between Geneva and Les Houches (only once or twice a day): http://www.coach-station.com. One should then take a taxi for the last 5 kms from the Les Houches village to the school (the total cost is similar to that of the limousine).

One can also travel from Geneva to Les Houches by train (+ taxi from the train station to the School), but it is quite complicated (3 connections) and long (go through Annemasse on the French side or through Martigny on the Swiss side).

By train: arrival at the Les Houches station, with one change at Saint-Gervais (from France), or at Martigny (from Switzerland). There are about 10 trains per day between St Gervais and Les Houches (schedules, 20mn trip).
Then we strongly advise you to take a taxi ( (tel. : (+33 or 0), (+33 or 0)4-50 54 41 09, (+33 or 0) or (+33 or 0) to go up to the school (5km).

By road: Les Houches are easily accessible from France (A41 highway), from Switzerland (Martigny and Col des Montets) and from Italy through the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

From Geneva and Le Fayet : 8km before Chamonix, 300 m after passing under the tunnel, bear right by the first road out for “Les Houches Bellevue”. When arriving at the cable car station “Bellevue”, turn right and continue upwards (roughly 2 km starting from the teleferic). 500m after the cable car station “Prarion”, turn left and follow small arrows at crossroads. Continue up to the end of Route de la Côte des Chavants. Here you are!

From Chamonix : bear right for “Les Houches-Chef-Lieu”, turn right in Les Houches, go ahead at the cable car station “Bellevue”. Then proceed as above. Cars may be rented from Geneva and from Chamonix, it is useful to make a reservation.

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